Sustainable Solutions Abound in Premier B2B Beauty Sampling Box

juin 10, 2021

Présenté dans l'emballage beauté.

Beauty industry suppliers and brands have long relied to a great extent on B2B trade shows and in-person visits from vendors to source new packaging innovations, survey the latest packaging solutions, get a pulse on the state of the business—and of course, network with like-minded peers. But with a total void in industry trade shows over the past two years, and in-person office visits at a relative halt, product and packaging developers often found it difficult to locate vital components that would propel their brands forward. Adding to the challenge was the need to find packaging that meets their sustainable criteria.

Beauty Packaging saw the need for a new solution—one that would engage innovative suppliers with brands looking for sustainable solutions. Taking a cue from the industry’s time-proven B2C beauty product sampling boxes—we created a breakthrough box designed to bring market-ready sustainable packaging solutions direct to the doorsteps of opt-in beauty industry brands, contract manufacturers, designers and others.

The premier B2B Beauty Box shipped in May, and requests for sustainable packaging solutions are rolling in. Participating sponsors with unbranded products in the box include: ABA, Anomatic, Berry Global, Coverpla, CTK, Eastman, JP Packaging, Inoac, Montebello Packaging, Neenah Packaging, Qosmedix, Veresence and WWP Beauty.

Leading in Sustainable Solutions

Members of Beauty Packaging’s audience who had requested to receive the box, are privy to direct contact with the packaging offerings—and are also provided with complete details on the products and the companies that offer them. Spec sheets and follow-up contact info are included in the Box, to aid in further discussions and decision-making.

Here, we speak with key executives from the B2B Box supplier sponsors for insights on their enthusiasm for this “out-of-the-box” pilot project, how it feeds their innovation and sustainability goals—and why sustainable packaging is spurring product development as it becomes a priority for them and their customers. 

Beauté WWP

Michael Tognetti, chairman of the Beauté WWP Sustainability Committee, tells Beauty Packaging, “Sustainability falls within the key pillars of purpose for WWP Beauty. We recognize that sustainability is not a trend, it is a commitment to the planet and the future of our industry. We know that beauty brands everywhere need solutions when it comes to sustainability, and our offering of these solutions adds value and purpose to them.”

Already during the first half of 2021, WWP Beauty has launched many new sustainable innovations including their Refillable Multi-Use Face Stick, ColorVue Lipstick, Modernist Square Tube, Eco-Pac Tube, Cutsie Collection and Mindful Collection.

In addition, WWP Beauty has also built their Eco Analyzer Tool, which Tognetti says “allows brands to measure the sustainability impact of a package or design so that they can customize their sustainability approach and educate their end consumer through validated sustainability claims.”

When it came to Beauty Packaging’s B2B Beauty Box, Tognetti says, “We wanted to include an item that had multiple sustainability points and claims. The Refillable Multi-Use Body Stick is not only refillable, but it can also be made with PCR material and features a mono-material refill cartridge.”

What’s on the horizon at WWP Beauty? Tognetti says the company will continue to explore new sustainable materials and eco-design strategies with an upcoming Glass Skincare Collection, Refillable Collection, and new sustainable packaging options across the color, skincare, haircare and body care categories.