Global Efficiencies with Local Level Support

December 30, 2020

Over the last year, WWP Beauty has been prepping for a lot of exciting changes that will be happening in the new year. Growth and expansion into new territories was apart of these new changes and included the additions of William Jang as managing director of WWP Beauty APAC HQ, and Benjamin Dop as their general manager of WWP Beauty EMEA HQ. Under their new business model WWP Beauty will continue to expand into new regions, with a focus on offering their customers expanded global efficiencies, with local market support. Read more about these new hires here: WWP Beauty – Beauty Packaging


The Asia market plays a key role in the company’s global expansion, supply chain, and sales strategy. Under William’s leadership, WWP Beauty will be able to strengthen its innovation pipeline as well as provide a more seamless full-service experience to customers worldwide. William will be opening, operating and managing multiple locations in the Asia Pacific region including WWP Beauty’s existing wholly-owned manufacturing facilities which he will continue to expand across the entire Asia region.


Benjamin will be spearheading the opening and operation of a WWP Beauty EMEA HQ office in Paris, France. This opening is part of a broader global strategy that allows WWP Beauty to provide customers with a combination of globalized efficiencies and localized market support. This new European location will also give WWP Beauty more capabilities to create and develop within Europe.