Hair Retreat Collection

March 10, 2022

Hair Retreat Turnkey

  • Restore Vitamin Hair Mask – An ultra-rich, nourishing probiotic hair mask that is packed with vitamins and nutrients to moisturize, soften, and smooth. Instantly restore hydration and smoothness into dry, brittle or damaged hair.
  • Refresh Leave In Hair Cleanser – This multi-tasking leave-in hair cleanser will actually clean your hair, no shower necessary. The formula gives your hair an instant refresh, in a sensorial cooling mousse format that removes dirt excess oils, and residues, without creating a drying effect. As product is absorbed, its nourishing and vitamin rich blend of oils helps repair dry, damaged hair.
  • Jade Hair Gua Sha – A scalp massage gua sha designed to make it easier to apply product directly to the scalp as well as help stimulate the blood flow increasing the product absorption.

Hair Retreat Stock Packaging

  • Mono-Material Jars – These universally, classic mono-material jars are a great eco-friendly option for brands in all categories of beauty including color cosmetics, skincare, haircare and body care. The sleek, eco-design reduces the amount of materials used.
  • Eco Pac Tube – WWP Beauty’s award-winning, Eco-Pac Tube uses less plastic and features a reduced carbon footprint with a lightweight, mono-material design. The second generation of this popular package was created with a flip top cap that makes the component more universally compatible with a wide variety of haircare formulation viscosities.
  • Side Effect Dropper – This sustainable dropper elevates the user experience and creates a new dispensing gesture, through a side button located on the cap. Its universal design makes it a great option for all categories of beauty. Now available in three sustainable material options, PCR, Glass and Molecular Recycled Resin which  give the component a more compelling sustainability story and further reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Dropper Tube – Get healthier hair, by applying product directly to roots and scalp with this dose control hair serum tube. Its precision tip allows the user to part hair into sections to ensure an even distribution of product, every time! Users have more control, and can even apply product with one hand making this a great option for on-the-go use.
  • Scalp Comb Tube – A multi-tasking tube with removable comb applicator that detoxes, clears build-up and boosts circulation on the scalp. This ergonomic, direct apply experience increases scalp stimulation, promoting product absorption, and supporting overall healthier hair.