WWP Beauty establishes itself as a global full service partner

May 18, 2021

Traditionally known for their strength in color cosmetics packaging, WWP Beauty has expanded its capabilities across every category of beauty and to full service. With a strong footprint in North America, the company has strengthened its presence the EMEA and APAC markets.

Headquartered in New Jersey, the company is well known for its rigid packaging and extruded tubes for the makeup and skincare markets. However, the acquisition of Cosmetic Design Group and Design Quest in 2019, both based in the Los Angeles area, enabled WWP to diversify its offer, in particular in full turnkey design services. Today, full service represents 40% of the group’s global turnover.

Cosmetic Design Group was fully integrated to form WWP Beauty by the end of 2020. This integration was about being the source for everything beauty to our customers, expanding our capabilities to include a full service offering of packaging, formulation, full service turnkey and accessories, and increasing our global footprint with the openings of our EMEA office in Paris, France and our APAC office in Shanghai, China,” explains Josh Kirschbaum, CEO.

At the beginning of this year, WWP Beauty unveiled its new brand identity, with a new logo, a new website and a redefined discourse and business outlook.

While the beauty industry as a whole experienced a slight drop during the beginning of the global pandemic, WWP Beauty used this time to evolve and expand its product portfolio, and to prepare for the increased demand that we anticipated for post-COVID. “Today, our company is not only focused on quickly evolving our brand to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, but also on ensuring that we are providing every customer with solutions that are sustainable, clean, compliant, and inclusive,” added Kirschbaum.

Products for the post-Covid new normal

Even though many people know WWP Beauty for their solutions in color cosmetics, over the last year the group has shown agility in bringing sustainable packaging, formulation, and accessories solutions that span into categories like skincare, fragrance and hair care.

With turnkey being a preferred service by many brands, this year we have launched our Es•sence fragrance collection and two new skincare collections; Bluelight and Twilight,” said Kirschbaum.

Developped in partnership with Scentinvent Technologies, Es•sence is a new solid fragrance format that features skin-loving ingredients, and allows the brand to play with color, scent and packaging to create a truly unique fragrance experience.

The Bluelight collection features skincare products that contain bluelight technology which helps protect the skin from the harmful effects that come from HEV lights emitted from technological devices such as TV, smartphones and computer screens.

As for Twilight, it is a collection of products that focusing on the night time beauty ritual with comforting tactile textures formulations, packaging and accessories that help enhance the selfcare experience and bring calm and joy to at-home skincare.

As far as packaging is concerned, sustainability is the key area of innovation for the company. To help their customers evaluate the different options, WWP Beauty has developed a tool that called Eco Analyzer.

Two of WWP Beauty latest sustainable packaging launches were ran through the Eco Analyzer. The Eco Pac Tube uses 19% less plastic per piece, and reduces GHG emissions by up to 93% in comparison to a standard tube of the same size. The ColorVue lipstick features a mono-material design and a patent pending mechanism that uses up to 12% less plastic and reduces GHG emissions by up to 85% in comparison to a standard lipstick component of the same size.

Additionally, in 2021 the company has also launched a Refillable Body Stick, Refillable Multi-use Face Stick, Refillable Bottle, and a Square Tube available in PCR material.