June 1, 2021

Featured in Packaging Connections.

The BlueLight collection is a digital-detox product line that prevents and protects skin from the harmful effects of blue light; the TwiLight collection is a synesthetic collection of supercharged overnight skincare products that awake the senses, transform moods and provide a relaxing experience.

Los Angeles, CA – WWP Beauty, a world-class full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, has launched a new wave of innovative turnkey solutions and unique product concepts that are aligned with key industry trends and drivers. The BlueLight collection focuses on protecting skin from the harmful effects of digital devices as working from home has become widespread, whereas the TwiLight collection focuses on self-care and promoting rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with at-home, overnight skincare treatments.

BlueLight Collection: The disadvantage of staying connected.

With the average American adult spending approximately 17-plus hours per day looking at digital devices, WWP Beauty’s BlueLight Collection addresses the disadvantage of staying connected: the many harmful effects of blue light on the skin. Blue light, also known as high-energy visible light or HEV light penetrates much deeper into the skin’s layers than UVA and UVB combined. Blue light induces oxidative stress and free radicals causing inflammation, protein carbonylation, hyperpigmentation, and premature skin aging.

This collection features an exploration of product formats that deliver blue light protection to different areas of the face. The BlueLight collection includes: BlueLight Cloud Whipped Moisturizer, BlueLight Pro-Age Eye Cream, BlueLight Jelly Eye Serum, BlueLight Refreshing Elixir, BlueLight Makeup Erasing Serum and BlueLight Lip Renewal Stick. Several accessories are also included in this collection: BlueLight Gua Sha, an Opalite healing stone that is used to massage product into the face for increased absorption and circulation, Reusable Face Rounds made with Bamboo Charcoal, and a travel bag.

TwiLight Collection: Relax. Recharge. Rewind.

Over the last year, our homes became our safe haven and retreat – a place for us to practice and create new beauty and wellness rituals. We brought inside the outside world, where our homes became our working space, our gym, our school, and our beauty salon, allowing us to achieve holistic balance and a deep state of well-being.

The Twilight Collection features relaxing aromatherapeutic scents, which are commonly used for easing stress and anxiety. It transforms moods and provides an unforgettable, relaxing experience.

The TwiLight Collection includes: TwiLight Rescue Salve, TwiLight Recharge Sleeping Mask, TwiLight Serenity Mist and TwiLight Lotion Bar. Also included are several accessories such as a Weighted Sleep Mask, a Mask Applicator and a travel bag.

“Our lifestyles have been drastically altered in every way possible, including consumer priorities when it comes to skincare,” said Musa Dias, CMO of WWP Beauty. “As the source for everything beauty, we are intensely aware of the beauty industry trends emerging over the past year and are pleased to offer new product line ups that are aimed at offering our customers solutions in upcoming categories. Our new collections embrace rituals and self-care, while defending the skin from new environmental aggressors such a digital pollution from blue light.”

All items in both collections are made with clean, compliant, vegan and cruelty-free formulas and sustainable packaging and accessory options using glass, PCR or PET material.  These collections further demonstrate the company’s staunch commitment to reducing its global carbon footprint, supporting a circular economy throughout the cosmetics industry and working towards creating a more sustainable, clean and inclusive future.