Join Beauty’s Sustainable Packaging Conversation

April 28, 2021

Featured in Beauty Packaging Magazine.

Josh Kirschbaum, CEO of WWP Beauty
The future of sustainable packaging is going to be driven by a need for constant and continued innovation which will lend itself to some really creative and inspiring new package designs. For brands and suppliers, the challenges to achieving sustainability are different, but when we work in collaboration with each other they can be very easy to overcome. At WWP Beauty, we are constantly looking for new innovative materials and design approaches to simplify the design and increase sustainability impact. New materials offer really innovative stories for brands, and simplified, high impact designs make it easier for brands to explain the sustainability benefits to their customers. Additionally, we know in the future, consumers will continue to be more informed on sustainability and will want to see real and validated claims that support the sustainability features of the packaging they choose, which is why we have already begun generating this type of information for the brands that we work with using our Eco Analyzer tool.