WWP Beauty: Global Support at a Local Level

April 23, 2021

The full-service beauty company takes pride in its wholly owned in-house manufacturing facilities, with a global footprint.

Featured in Beauty Packaging Magazine.

Josh Kirschbaum, CEO of WWP Beauty, emphasizes that the company “is built around the needs of beauty brands” and serves as “a collaborative partner.”

The 40-year-old firm rebranded early this year, with a focus on pillars of full service, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity. A large percentage is women-operated.

Jim Farley, global executive VP, business development at WWP Beauty, says, “All innovation [at the company] has a measurable, sustainable story.”

One of the things that makes WWP Beauty unique, Kirschbaum says, is that it is a full-service company (global turnover is 40% turnkey) with wholly owned in-house manufacturing facilities, with a global footprint. The key benefit to this, he says, is “global support with intimate local support.”

3,000 Ready-to-Go Stock Tools

WWP Beauty has a library of 3,000 ready-to-go stock tools—wholly owned and managed to meet speed-to-market needs. But the company is also well-versed in custom solutions. In fact, Kirschbaum says they are “a source for everything beauty,” including makeup, skincare, haircare, bath & body, personal care and tools and accessories—formulation to packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Analysis Data

The company’s unique Eco-analyzer tool provides real-world data with easy-to-use/understand graphics to evaluate sustainability and life-cycle assessment. Data is available for all in-stock items—and can be generated for custom solutions, too. All data is enhanced with third-party validated claims.

In addition, WWP has created a “visual lexicon” of icons, which designate the sustainable properties of each package—from paper palettes to eco-tubes, bio-sourced materials including plant fiber polymers to sugar cane, metals to glass—at a glance—simplifying selection and understanding of the vast array of options.

Design strategies include light-weighting, mono-materials, refillables, design for dis-assembly, and commercial-ready.

WWP has won awards for several sustainable products over the past year, including the Eco-Pac tube, which is made from 100% bio-PE and features a lightweight design that utilizes up to 19% less plastic, and produces 93% fewer emissions per piece. Also popular is WWP’s Refillable Multi-Use Face and Body Stick.

Musa Dias, WWP Beauty’s global chief marketing officer points to the company’s innovative ColorVue Lipstick, saying it highlights a new gesture as well as sustainability assets. “Rather than revolve and reveal—raising the bullet—instead the sleeve goes up and down.”

Latest Launches

On the way to a post-pandemic world, WWP has developed new full-service solutions for “prevention,” a natural outcome of an excess of screen time and isolation. Blue Light Pollution is the antidote to an overload of digital screen exposure and the harmful effects of blue light—a digital detox collection to prevent and protect skin. The new Twilight Collection is an at-home evening beauty ritual, designed for users to relax, rewind and recharge.